Pannier mounting kit

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Pannier mounting kit

Pannier mounting kit, for mounting your Mule packs or any box you want. Good examples are ammo cans, Pelican case, aluminum boxes, the list goes on.

These are pre drilled and all mounring bolts, nuts,  washers, and 4 large fluted hand wheels 8mm x 25mm are included.

The mounting plates have sloted holes so you can use your own or our pucks. This plate was designed to work with Happy Trail SU side racks(no pucks required).

They will work on most rackes made with 3/4" square or round tubibg, 5/8" plates available also.

Plate dimmentions are 7 3/8" wide and 8 5/8"tall with a 3/4" x 3/4" bent ledge

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Pannier mounting kit