The Mule Pack Panniers

 As long time riders, both on and off road we recognized the need for a tough, functional and affordable storage system for our gear.  After several of years of research and development the Mule Pack Pannier Storage System was born.  This is a quick tour of the features and benefits of the Mule Pack System.

 Molded from high-density polyethylene, the same material used to make whitewater kayaks and highway road barriers, our Mule Pack Panniers are nearly indestructible. With a capacity of 28 liters the streamlined design is engineered to provide safe, dry, and secure storage for all manner of gear, as well as an extra layer of protection for you and your bike.

 Excellent for those daily commutes where laptops, documents, clothes, etc. need to be protected, Mule Pack's overlapping lid joint and marine grade EPDM gasket system keeps out rain and spray at highway speeds and splashing water while riding through a mountain stream or a lake sized puddle.


 The contoured top of the Mule Pack adds strength and provides a more secure surface to strap on a tent, sleeping bag, or other items you need to carry. 


 The Mule Pack is incredibly tough, durable and designed to stand up to the elements for a long, long time. There is no paint or coating to worry about scratching or flaking off. All of our hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Our bracket mounting system works with most of the popular side rack systems.  Securing and removing the Mule Pack is as simple as tightening or loosening two large hand knobs located inside the box. This feature along with lockable lid latches keeps your gear safe and secure.

Side mounting racks for your particular make and model bike are available at additional cost, please contact us for more details


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