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Mule Pack Panniers on Black Creek Moto Camper Supply

We enjoy getting out to motorcycle Rallies and Meets and letting more know about our Mule Pack Panniers. Many people really appreciate being able to see the quality of our Panniers up close, and see how much gear you can get into them, and then ask us any questions they may have. And of course we like meeting people, making new friends and renewing older friendships.

Earlier this year, we met Jimmy Stockton, owner of Black Creek Outdoor / Black Creek Moto Camper Supply at a Meet. He enjoys being able to get away on his bike from time to time, to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while camping. Over the years of motorcycle camping and enjoying the great outdoors, he found several pieces of camping gear that made his outdoor adventures a little easier and more fun, so he launched Black Creek Outdoor / Black Creek Moto Camper Supply (link to Gear page on the Black Creek Moto Camper Supply site - which recommends and offers these items to help other motorcycle campers.

Jimmy was impressed with our Mule Pack Panniers, and now he recommends them to other motorcycle campers in addition to the collection of handy camping gear on his website. Nice to make new friends and even nicer when they help let others know about durable, water-tight Mule Pack Panniers (link to Main Mule Pack Pannier page on Black Creek Moto Camper Supply site -

Looking forward to our next motorcycle Rally or Meet! If you have plans to attend a motorcycle Rally or Meet, we'd like to hear from you. Share the information about the event with us via e-mail - info (at), and we will look forward to seeing you there, if we can make it too.

Find out more about the other motorcycle camping gear on the Black Creek Moto Camper Supply website  -

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